Framing – Visualisation exercises

1. Talking to someone in a shop I would see..

The person from head to waist (taking in both talking and moving hands) and some of the shop around them. Most probably I would focus in on different elements such as..

The persons mouth talking

their hands moving

I might be distracted by things on the shelf behind them

and maybe glance away at a product of interest.

2.  Knocking on a door:-

I see the door

I knock at the door

I glance away while I’m waiting (maybe see a rural road & or people)

Mr stick answers the door (some of the interior would be visible beyond him)

3. An illicit affair:-

Up close talking to lover

glance quickly at the door

In this scene I’ve left out details of the room as I visualised focusing in on the lover rather than noticing surroundings. Sound is oviously missing (from all of these scenes). The lover’s reaction is also missing when the protagonist looks away at the door.

Further notes


The first image is a midshot – it is rather distant but infomative because we see most of the person and products show what kind of shop we are in.

The close ups on the mouth and hands communicate clearly that a conversation is underway (at least that the shopkeeper is speaking) but give little information about context.

The images of being distracted by products on sale give more infomation about the protagonist’s thoughts and further infomation about the shop’s wares.

Knocking on a door:

I think this is the most succinct sequence of images as it is a familiar situation and therefore easy to read. The 3rd image, waiting for the door to be answered, gives further infomation about the location of the door. Is isn’t clear though why the protagonist is there and who they are visiting. Further infomation might be visible in the details of the door and surroundings, from the Mr Stick character’s appearance and behaviour and from elements within the interior in the last image.

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