Reviews of short film evening at Bafta

This evening I’ve been to Bafta (which still sounds dead classy:-) ) to see an evening of shorts including one I worked on as a spark, Vincent. Its great to see one of the shorts I’ve worked on finally realised and on film. The 16mm did look grainy on the full screen but I really liked it. I was nicely put together with some pleasing cutaways and a great performance from actor, Bill Thomas. Brian the DOP was there along with the camera crew, Mazin the director and the sound recordist. Bill also came along- although I think he missed the film (I wonder if he chose to.)  I skipped the networking opportunity to meet the director of The Moon is Velvet.” I felt I’d bent Brian’s ear for long enough although I may have been mistaken – either way – I wandered off around the west end, had falafel in pitta and went to take a look at the light well etc. around St Martin’s on the Strand.


Regarding the other films:

The first film, The Moon is Velvet,  had a high budget and looked really good. They’d used some clever bluescreen work and real water. It was quirky whimsical film but quite soulful.

Vincent was the second film followed by Transference. The script was quite funny in parts although I think I agree with Brian who didn’t think much of it. It was OK but shot as a pretty straight couple of reverses – a shot out of the window or maybe of the bridge ( as mentioned in the script)  would have improved the sense of production value. It got some laughs though.

The final film, Taylor’s Trophy, turned out better that I expected. It starred an obviously caracatured chav but was actually rather cleverly scripted. The characters seemed quite unsubtle at first but further complexitiy is revealed and the central character turns out to be far sharper than I expected. I was expecting a ganster yawn fest and was treated something more of a traditional farce.

After chatting to the team I headed off in to the west end, bought falafel in pitta and went to take a look at the a carefully unobstrusive new light well at St Martin’s on the Strand.


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