Project 6 – Mise-en-scene exercise

Production exercise – Produce 4 images with a particular feel

1. An oppressive, cluttered space

I feel this does look cluttered and oppressive. However, there is also a sense of activity because some of the objects are rather jolly such as the shining wrapping paper, floral fabrics and (on closer inspection – interior design magazines). The area has a workman like feel and suggestions of creative activity.

2. An open, honest, simple space containing one intriguing item.

This is an attractive but rather abstract picture. Location and context are not clearly apparent. Strictly there are two intriguing items. The balustrade in the foreground is perhaps more intriguing than the easily identifiable painting of a sunflower. The flash of light from above has the unintended pleasing effect of brightening the sunflower and emphasising it further.

3. A stark, empty hostile space

I don’t think this photo is really hostile. The image is interesting but ambiguous rather than menacing. The indistinct shadow could forebode some threat but might as likely be the shadow of some hanging laundry. (In fact the shadow is of a coat hanger and a wire letter rack) The panelling isn’t strictly stark which further reduces any harshness by bringing in the striped pattern. But the minor cracking of the paint between the slats does suggest maybe an element of being old and uncared for.

4. A warm, friendly, cosy space

This image is cluttered but cheerfully so. I think the flowers and mothers day card suggest a friendly family environment. A mixed variety of books suggest lots of activity. The neat little drawers add a little intrigue as they are unlabeled.

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